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Joe Budden airs out Tahiry Break Up

Joe Budden recently discussed the details surrounding his break-up with Tahiry and said he was thankful he did not follow through and marry the one-time King Magazine covergirl.
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Speaking via a blog broadcast, Budden spoke on the couple’s differences.

“My life is pretty routine and predictable,” Budden said during a blog broadcast. “i don’t need much, I’m not controlling, I’m not jealous, I’m not insecure, I’m not any of the things that Tahiry would say that I am. I’m like cool as a fan — the really sad part about my entire five-year relationship that I am just now getting out of, you can call it arrogant, you can call it cocky, you can call it whatever the f*ck you want to call it, I was ready to marry my significant other. Let me just say that. Thank the f*cking lord above that that did not happen…It would have been a whole lot worse if I had married Tahiry. I went from being ready to settle down — and now that I am outside of that relationship, it’s easy to see that I spent five years settling.” (World Star Hip Hop)

During Tahiry’s Shade 45 interview earlier this month, Budden called in to explain his stance.

“I haven’t been updating JoeBuddenTV as much, these websites that I drive traffic to, they just really thirsty to put anything Joe Budden-associated on their site,” Budden told radio personality Angela Yee. “They can suck d*ck. I’m listening… I wanna know what’s going on right now, what is this interview about? It’s about Complex online…It’s now, people are gonna ask, whatever people that are representing you are using the break-up as a bargaining chip…It’s looking like it’s in bad taste, it’s making five years a gimmick… You wouldn’t like it… Tahiry, listen — I didn’t call to speak to [Tahiry]. Angela, it’s not all about all fairness, Tahiry don’t know nothin’ about nothin’. She trying to be in a game where she don’t know a thing about anything…So if you gonna use this as some type of bargaining chip, then you gonna sell a story, get a check for it…Let me tell you something, I do interviews every single day, every day, I do an interview…Good-bye.” (Team Yee TV)

Tahiry previously promised she would not talk badly about Budden in interviews.

“I just feel like — I’m never going to speak bad about Joey,” Tahiry promised. “I love him. Five years. It was a long time. We were just growing apart. We were not in the same zip codes. I just didn’t feel like after five years we were building that foundation together. For a long time it was, ‘Joe, Joe, Tahiry, Tahiry.’ When it was beneficial, it was Joe and Tahiry. But you know after five years, you’re supposed to feel like you’re building something. I didn’t feel like we were building anything.” (Complex)

Footage of a leaked “break-up” conversation between Tahiry and Budden landed online last month.

“You better not start acting like you’re not the f*cking insecure boyfriend that you are,” she said in the video. “Get the f*ck away from me. People think I’m crazy because I’m completely f*cking spazzing on camera but you’re the f*cking retarded one, you just hide it well. Saying this crazy sh*t, ‘Look at Tahiry with two f*cking laptops, she’s retarded.’ No n*gga, you’re retarded. Give me my f*cking phone back and stop playing games with me…Stop recording me, I’m serious. [crying] I’m dead a** serious. You need f*cking help. Stop with this Twitter sh*t about me too because you’re f*cking retarded…” (Pulse Report)


It sucks that it came to an end. But ‘FUCK IT. TWO TEARS INA BUCKET.’ – TinMan Weezy!


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Crooked I to Benzino: “You disrespect SlaughterHouse, You disrespect Me”

Slaughterhouse’s Crooked I recently addressed Benzino calling out certain members in his rap group and pledged his loyalty toward Royce Da 5’9, Joe Budden and Joell Ortiz.

In addition to standing by his team, Crooked also explained why he ignored Zino’s taunts over the summer.

“Some dudes I have respect for and some dudes I don’t,” he explained in an interview about rap beefs. “It’s like me sitting back and watching Benzino say, ‘I respect Crooked but Slaughterhouse is over-rated.’ I’m Slaughterhouse. If you disrespect Slaughterhouse then you are disrespecting me. But what am I going to do? I am not going to waste my breath rapping a million bars about somebody. If I did that, I would put it on an album and get paid. I’m not going to air anybody out for free. All of these little beefs pop up and to me they are just silly. To me it’s like, you do something to me when I’m on your Coast and I’ll do something to you when you’re on mine.” (All Hip Hop)

Writing via Twitter last month, Royce reached out to his group members to get their take on Zino’s rap challenge.

“Aye #slaughterhouse ? @mousebudden @joellortiz @therealcrookedi Ya’ll wanna do something bout #Bendreamo ?? lol,” he wrote yesterday (September 3). “Just kidding ya’ll…@mousebudden Nah Im f*ckin with you….I dont want you 2 waste ur ink.” (Royce Da 5’9’s Twitter)

Budden also publicly turned down the challenge via his Twitter page.

“@RoyceDaFive9 4 what ??,” Joey responded. “If he get it, EVERYBODY gets it… & doin that right now ????u already know… NO COMMENT !!!!! Lol” (Joe Budden’s Twitter)

Benzino lashed out at Slaughterhouse, labeling them “overrated” in an interview last summer.

“I think them n*ggas is mad overrated, real talk,” Zino said in an interview. “Yeah, them n*ggas is mad overrated yo, for real. I don’t know what all the hype about them is. And I knew Tahiry was gonna leave Joe Buddens, you blog too much homie. You blog too much, stop blogging man and watch out [for] where your girl’s at, man. You blog too much homie. Them n*ggas is overrated. I’m not f*cking with Slaughterhouse, f*ck them n*ggas. F*ck Royce Da 5’9, [it began] with some sh*t about we trying to interview Slaughterhouse and they don’t want to give us an interview because of Kim ‘Fat B*tch’ O’Sorry H*e is wife to the manager of Royce Da 5’9 and they don’t want to give us an interview so like f*ck them n*ggas man. Crooked I though, that’s my n*gga. I can’t front on Crooked I. I don’t even have no beef, I just think them n*ggas is overrated. I don’t even know who Joell Ortiz is, I’m not up on Joell Ortiz — it’s not that I don’t like [Budden], I just think the n*ggas is overrated. I don’t see where all the hype at, not just them n*ggas because I get a lot of hate out there but my thing is, I know I got some banging sh*t — I bet you the Made Men could tear their a**holes out. Why not?” (57th Ave)



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Joe Budden gets props from Eminem.

The tweet above is self explanatory. Following the whole SlaughterHouse/Shady Records rumors, Joe Budden received a phone call from the world’s favorite Caucasian rapper and got big props for his Cypher verse. Seems like a big step in the right direction, from what I’ve always read around Eminem only starts to develop a relationship and or starts having phone calls with Artists he plans to work with in the future.

I wonder how 50 feels?

via Rap Radar.

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B.E.T. Cypher Megamix Clip

Here’s the audio to the whole B.E.T. Cypher provided by Dre from Nah Right
DJ Premier ft. Mos Def, Black Thought, Eminem, Nicki Minaj, Buckshot, Crown Royyal, Joe Budden, Wale, Nipsey Hussle, Gsan & KRS-One – 2009 BET Hip-Hop Awards Cyphers (10min megamix)

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B.E.T. Cypher featuring Nicki Minaj, Buckshot, Crown Royal & Joe Budden (Video)

The post below (joe budden TV “season premier”) was shot on this day. So all the rappers were there for THIS reason. Wale isn’t in this one but Nicki Minaj is. Joe crushed it, but they all did they thing.

via Rap Radar

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The Return of Joe Budden TV: Twitter Beef ft. Wale & Nicki Minaj

Okay, so Joe FINALLY returns with Joe Budden TV after all that Tahiry bullshit, and we have a pretty funny ass video. It’s like 4 minutes long or whatever, but it was pretty damn funny. He writes on his sidebar on the youtube page:

Taped the day we filmed “Da Cypher”… the 3 of us decided to have an in depth conversation about nothi.. i mean twitter… sorry 4 the Hiatus, but i’m pleased to announce JoebuddenTVis now entering its second season w/ an all new cast… we’re about to have A LOT of fun !

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Joell Ortiz – Run This Town Freestyle & Some News.

Audio: Run This Town Freestyle

On another note, on Nah Right, Eskay seems to write abit of news on Mr. Ortiz.

A couple of things: Joell and Rick Gonzalez will be shooting a pilot for a new show early next year.

Although I’m categorically against most rappers acting, I think this is a great look for Joell. I was really impressed how well he did with his small role in Mr. Cordero’s Inside A Change.

Also, Free Agent will not be released through E1/KOCH as previously announced.

That is all.

Seems like Mr. Ortiz is getting abit busy with his life, don’t ya think? It’s about time. I’m ready for him to blow up already.


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